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PostSubject: MYSTIC RAN 2ND RULES AND WALKTHROUGH   Fri Sep 19, 2008 3:55 am


1. Don't Kill steal other's mobs
2. Try not to let anyone in the party die,
especially the healer
3. Don't deliberately try to scam someone
4. If someone drops a item, return it to them
5. Try to use proper grammar and spelling at all
times, i.e. dunt talk lyke dis
6. Don't ask for dropped items in a By sequence
party. If it is offered for sale/gift, then by all
means go ahead, but do try to keep it in private
message. Some people may not like it. The market is
there for a reason. If you want the items for
yourself, don't party. If you can't have your
'stolen' item(s), do NOT announce throughout the
server and get people zp-ed for no reason.


1. The scroll wheel zooms in and out of the screen.
2. Holding scroll wheel while moving it around will
change the camera angle.
3. Ctrl + click on a monster will continue to use
normal attacks on it until it dies.
4. Right clicking on a monster will use the current
5. There's also some options that will let you bring
out a mini hp gauge below your character for
convenience and an option to auto attack.
6. Pressing ctrl will reveal all player names.


- add $ before your message to broadcast to everyone
- add # before your message to broadcast to your
party members
- add % before your message to broadcast to your
guild members
- add @ and the person you wish to private message
to whisper to that person

Now, let's start with the basics; character stats.
Pressing 'c' activates this screen.

Character Stats Screen

Int - This stat is SPI, which is required to raise
INT tree skills. For example, if a skill requires
54SPI, then you need 54INT. It raises magic damage!
For a QIGONG that is not POW, you just raise this
stat only because it will help you to learn skills
faster and make your damage high.

POW - This stat is POW, which is required for POW
tree skills. It raises damage and some HP.

Dex - This stat is required for DEX tree skills. It
slightly increases bow damage, avoid, and some DEF.

VIT - This stat adds HP.

STM - This stat adds stamina.

Generally, you don't need to add to VIT/STM because
they are not needed to equip equipment or learn

Different Classes

There are 4 different classes in this game. Knight,
Fighter, Archer, and QiGong. I will do a brief
rundown of the main characteristics of these

He uses a sword and does most of his damage close
range. He has quite good defense and high hp. He is
often the tank of the team and does high area

He uses His fists to deal damage. His punches do
low damage but he attacks extremely fast. His
skills are powerful as well. He is often the tank
of the team and does high area damage.

Archers deal damage from afar and have many skills
that do high single target damage as well as some
big AOE effect skills. They usually have quite low
defense but high avoid rate. They're usually at the
back of the team picking off weak targets.

They're primary magic users. The SPI types deal
massive AOE damage with deadly status effects. The
support QGs utilizes many healing skills and buffs.
The POW QGs deal high damage at the cost of low
QGs usually have the lowest DEF and HP of all.
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