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<General strategy to building characters>

Note: The other classes I haven't played so I can't
comment on them.
But here's the general strategy:

POW tree = powerful, you'll do heavy damage but
take more damage than Dex. This type is good for

Dex tree = tank, you'll do lower damage but take
less damage than Pow. This type is good for

Int tree = AOE, you can attack a lot of monsters at
once for heavy damage and you can cast magic fast.
But in PK, if the enemies have a lot of magic
resistance then your spells won't do a lot of
damage. This type is very good for leveling as

First pick a tree to specialize in, POW, Dex, or
INT and decide you want any other skills from
another tree (Usually a passive skill that
increases damage).
Level the skills just enough so that it fulfills
the prerequisite for the next skill. The reason for
this is that the starting skills are usually weak
compared to the final skills. But there are some
exceptions to this rule: You generally always max
the passive skills and there might be an early
skill that you will end up using even when you
learn other skills such as archer's speed shot. You
will be using that skill forever! So the best thing
to do is to find out such information before you
make the character or you'll end up having to use a
Water later on! They cost a LOT, just trust me.
I've already laid a skill build for archers and
support QG, but they're not that accurate since I
am not lv127! So follow these builds with your own
jurisdiction and judgment. There are always some
leeway and room for customization in this game.

<Building Characters>


There are 3 types of archers, but they all
specialize in more than 1 tree. This is because
they require some passive skills from other trees
to be more effective. EG, all archers need the
passive skill from INT 'blood arrow' that passively
adds more damage. The first type of archer is
easiest to build and is the build I'm following
right now because this build of archer requires no
waters later on but is arguably the weakest of all
Here is the final skill tree for the INT+DEX

~Common Tree~

Revive - Grade 0
Concentration - Grade Master
Lightspeed - Grade 0
Range mastery - Grade Master

~Dex Tree~
Speed shot - master
Kawasu - master
Arrow storm - 3
Cripple shot - 0
Evasion chant - master
Wrath of devil - 0
Triple shot - master
Star fall - master
Slow - master
Spirit dance - master

~Int tree~
Shockwave -
Blood arrow - master

Basically, for this build, you only need to add
Dex. Let INT come from leveling up and equipment
and add to blood arrow this way. But be prepared
that you won't have blood arrow until Lv70+ at
least. 1 change you can make here is to max out
arrow storm: according to my calculations, you
won't need to wipe until at least lv107. Next is
the INT+DEX+POW with emphasis on Dex tree:

~Common Tree~
Revive - Grade 0
Concentration - Grade Master
Lightspeed - Grade 0
Range mastery - Grade Master

~Pow Tree~
Force shot - master
Bow attack - 3
Penetration - 1[if want attack more mobs, add more]
Bow mastery - master
Kickshot - master

~Dex Tree~
Speed shot - master
Kawasu - master
Arrow storm - 3
Cripple shot - 0
Evasion chant - master
Wrath of devil - no
Triple shot - choose between this or star
fall(triple shot is better for PK)
Star fall - choose between this or triple shot
(star fall is better for leveling)
Spirit of dance - master, then use water to give up
kick shot

~Int tree~
Blood arrow - master

As you can see, the skills from POW and INT trees
are mainly passive skills while the damaging skills
come from Dex. The problem with build is that
you'll get skills a couple levels later than
everyone, and be prepared to use waters. Next up is
the INT+DEX+POW version with emphasis on POW tree:

~Common Tree~
Revive - Grade 0
Concentration - Grade Master
Lightspeed - Grade 0
Range mastery - Grade Master

~Pow Tree~
Force shot - master
Bow attack - prerequisite points only
Penetration -master
Bow mastery -master
Kick shot - 1
Enhanced force shot - prerequisite points
Pin shot - master
Conduct shot - master
Tiger strike - no
Phoenix - master

~Dex Tree~
Speed shot - prerequisite
Kawasu - master

~Int Tree~
Shockwave -2
Blood arrow - master

As you can see, this build emphasis on heavy damage
but slow skills but also has the supporting passive
skills from the other trees. This build is
excellent for PK because you can just stand behind
your guild mates and dish out the damage. And this
concludes the 3 builds of archer. It goes from easy
-> Me***m -> Hard with the last build being the
hardest to make.


*****Support QiGong******

If you want to be this type of QiGong, be prepared
for a lot of stress and slow leveling at the
beginning. All you'll be doing is trying to keep
your party alive with nonstop healing and
maintaining all the buffs. All parties need a
'Healer' though because it makes leveling so much
easier especially later on when you get group heal
and all the different buffs that are extremely
useful. The early stages of this character are
extremely difficult and challenging. IMO, a support
QiGong is definitely the hardest character to play
Anyways, for stats you want to add purely INT so
you can get the skills on time. On to the skill

Refresh - Lv4
Vampiric Attack - Lv3
HP transfer - Lv3
Inspire - Lv2
Fortify - Lv9
MP boost - Lv1
Enhanced Vampiric attack - Lv0
Revitalize - Lv9
Speed up - Lv3
Scroll of Vitality - Lv9
Confusive Strike - Lv9
Lava Eruption - Lv0
Team Agility - Lv9
Frenzy Attack - Lv0 or Lv9
Resurrection - Lv1
Spear Summoning - Lv9
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