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the most affordable donation in the history of ran evolution it the most highest exp, gold dropand item drop in history
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 Mystic RAN In GAME Rules Don`t violalte this rules....

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PostSubject: Mystic RAN In GAME Rules Don`t violalte this rules....   Mon Sep 15, 2008 3:47 am

Rules 1-5

1.Don`t Ask GM`s/Admin to give you item or gold
2.Don`t Ask GM`s/Admin to boost you
3.Don`t Spam or Flood in forum or In game
4.Don`t Advertise Any kind of server of Ran Or any game
5.Don`t If Some Drop His/her Item Please give it Back
6.Don`t Say Some Bad Words in Forum or in game
7.Don`t hack and cheat to other players
8.Be kind and friendly to each others
9.Respect other players


For #1

Account Deletation

For #2

Chat Black For Half Days

For #3

Band In 1 Days

For #4

Account Delete

For #5

Band For 3 Days

For #6

Band In Game Character for 1 day

For #7

Forum Account delete and In Game Account Delete

Break The Rules And i Will Break your Neck and Body

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Mystic RAN In GAME Rules Don`t violalte this rules....
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